The Civil War was the most traumatic event ever to befall the great state of North Carolina. Likewise, the period that immediately followed witnessed one of the most extraordinary – and unsuccessful – social experiments in our state’s and nation’s history.

The North Carolina Civil War History Center will be the first museum in the nation to tackle the difficult topics of the Civil War and Reconstruction from the perspective of a single state and its people … all of its people.

Almost all Civil War-related museums and sites in our nation focus on specific battles or famous military leaders. North Carolina’s stories of the war were less about the battles than about the home front.  Ours are stories of division and reconciliation, freedom and institutional oppression, opportunity and economic devastation.

The events of that time were so profound that they echo throughout our state even today.

We invite you to join us in exploring the war and its aftermath in North Carolina.  Together, we can learn our past.


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The North Carolina Civil War History Center is affiliated with the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex, a branch of the North Carolina Division of History Museums, and will be located at the site of the remains of the Fayetteville Arsenal.
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